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Latest boardgame news

Manhattan Project 2: Minutes To Midnight is now on Kickstarter

Yesterday the long awaited sequel to the board game 'The Manhattan Project' arrived with a Kickstarter project. The game uses the same theme as its predecessors but adds a whole bunch of new features that in turn add more possibilities to become the biggest world power!

Take on zombies and other survivors in Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies

"Surviving a zombie apocalypse is hard anyway, but now another colony has settled on the other side of town and took a lot of our resources. We have to end this right here and now!"
Last week, Plaid Hat Games used these words to announce their new expansion for the cooperative zombie survival game Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game. The game will have the name Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies and took a look at what will be in the box.

Fallout comes to the table with 'Fallout: Wasteland Warfare'

Yesterday, Modiphius Entertainment put a teaser on their website for a new board game they are currently developing. The new game will have the name 'Fallout: Wasteland Warfare' and is based on the well know video game series by Bethesda, Fallout. This is probably the reason the page is getting so much media attention.