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Latest boardgame news

Architects of the West Kingdom now available on Kickstarter

Architects of the West Kingdom is a board game many of us have been waiting for. This game is the first in a new trilogy by the same designer from Raiders of the North Sea and the game is available for pre-order via Kickstarter since yesterday.

Playing Cottage Garden on your mobile phone

Last year we already posted several news messages about the rush of digital apps or games based on board games. More and more games are going digital and today, we are going to review one of them: the digital version of Cottage Garden, made for Android, iOS en Steam by DIGIDICED.

A lot of fun games on Kickstarter in March 2018

Last January, we made a news post about the first board games that have been appearing on Kickstarter. But this month there are really a lot of fun looking games that have started their campaign. Because of this, we have created a small list of the amazing looking games that we backed this month.