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Latest boardgame news

7 wonders celebrates 7th birthday with new mini expansions

It has been 7 years since the strategical card game 7 Wonders has been released by the publisher Asmodee. To celebrate this birthday of the game, the company will be releasing two small expansions for the game in the form of two small anniversary packs that will contain cards that can be used in combination with the two existing expansions for the game: Leaders and Cities.

Z-man makes Pandemic game in which the Netherlands are flooding

Z-man Games announced their newest installment in the Pandemic universe this week, Pandemic: Rising Tide. In this game, you and the other players are working together to save the Netherlands from floods that hit the whole country from the North Coast. Can you push the sea back before it consumes entire country?

Build railroads in France and the Old West with the newest Ticket to Ride

Last week at Gen Con 50 Alan R. Moon had a very nice announcement, a new game in the Ticket to Ride family: Ticket To Ride: France & The Old West. This expansion contains two new boards to play on: one for France and another set in the Old West. Each board also has a set of new and special rules that make the game even more competitive.