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Latest boardgame news

Newest Kickstarter toppers for January 2017

Every month, new and innovative board games are being presented on the website Kickstarter. This website allows any independent designer to publish his project for the world to see. Visitors get the chance to 'back' this project. This means the visitor supports the project by donating money to it. In exchange, the designers have multiple levels of rewards the backer can get. In the case of board games, this is mostly a copy of the game, but sometimes extra's are available that will only be available for this Kickstarter campaign. Here we list some of the best games on Kickstarter for this month.

BoardGameGeek lists the most played games of 2016

A happy new year to all of you! 2016 was a year with a lot of new and fun board games and many surprises. This week, BoardGameGeek placed statistics on their website with lists of the most watched, the most bought and the most played games in 2016, we took a look at these lists for you and saw what games players enjoyed the most the last year.

Queen games announces 8 new games for January 2017

It looks like Queen Games wanted to wait until after the holidays to release their new set of games, and that is what they are doing. This week, they announced 8 new board games that will be in stores January 2017. We have already taken a look at these new games for you.