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Latest boardgame news

Tiny Epic Zombies adds survival to the Tiny Epic series

Last weekend, Gamelyn Games introduced their newest game in the Tiny Epic games series, Tiny Epic Zombies. In this game, players are dropped in a mall that has been overrun by zombies. Work together or play competitively to make sure you can complete all goals to survive and leave the mall unharmed!

Century: Golem edition comes to retail stores

Century: Golem Edition has the same rules as Century: Spice Road but with a completely new look. Instead of collecting the correct spices, you are now collecting precious gems. When the game was released by Plan B Games last year, they announced it was only going to be available on their own webshop. But due to the popularity of the game, they announced that the game will be coming to stores around the world after all!

The first Kickstarters of 2018

The first half month of the year has already passed and it was very calm for the board gaming world. But by now some really nice Kickstarters have been released with great ideas and beautiful artwork. We already took a look at what this first month of 2018 will bring for Kickstarter games.