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Latest boardgame news

Star Wars Destiny will be expanded with new Legacy packs

It has been over a year since Fantasy Flight Games brought us the newest collectible card game from the Star Wars universe, Star Wars Destiny. This year, they will expand this game even further with two new starter sets and boosters with new characters and new game mechanics.

Our Kickstarter picks for October 2017

It has been a while since we took a look at Kickstarter to see if there are any new and promising board games to support. We have done some thorough searching through all current listings on Kickstarter to give you a summary of the board games that look so good that we will probably be backing them this month.

7 wonders celebrates 7th birthday with new mini expansions

It has been 7 years since the strategical card game 7 Wonders has been released by the publisher Asmodee. To celebrate this birthday of the game, the company will be releasing two small expansions for the game in the form of two small anniversary packs that will contain cards that can be used in combination with the two existing expansions for the game: Leaders and Cities.