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Serious Poulp teases 7th continent sequel: The 7th Citadel

29 Jun par Jerodev

A few days ago, Serious Poulp added an update to their latest 7th Continent Kickstarter campaign that state that all games had been delivered. However, there were a few more updates in this message that was most interesting! Next year, the publisher will be starting a campaign for a whole new game using the same adventure system called: The 7th Citadel. And, there is a 7th Continent "Classic Edition" coming that will be available for purchase through retailers.


Save the world in real time with Pandemic: Rapid Response

23 May par Jerodev

Pandemie is a cooperative board game in which players work together to save the world from all kinds of disasters, most of the time these are outbreaks of deadly viruses. Z-man Games has just announced the newest game in this series, Pandemic: Rapid Response. In this game players will take on several disasters on multiple locations over the whole world in real time! Can your team save humanity in time before these plagues wipe us out?

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