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Save the world in real time with Pandemic: Rapid Response

23 May da Jerodev

Pandemic is a cooperative board game in which players work together to save the world from all kinds of disasters, most of the time these are outbreaks of deadly viruses. Z-man Games has just announced the newest game in this series, Pandemic: Rapid Response. In this game players will take on several disasters on multiple locations over the whole world in real time! Can your team save humanity in time before these plagues wipe us out?


CMON Announces God of War: The Card Game

18 Apr da Jerodev

Just a few months ago, USApoly announced a new board game addaptation of a popular video game. And now it seems Cool Mini or Not is also jumping on this boat. This week, the publisher has announced God of War: The Card Game in collaboration with Sony. A card game based on the latest iteration of the video game that bears the same name. sharpen your axes, summon heroes and gather your courage, because Ragnarök is coming and only the most strategic Norns can stop it!

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