Frequently Asked Questions


When are prices updated?

Our servers are constantly updating the prices on the website. However, because of the huge amount of stores and board games that need updating, it can take up to 72 hours before a price update is registered.

Can I add or request a board game to be added to the site?

You can most certainly request to add a board game on the website if it is not yet there. Feel free to use the contact form to let us know what game is missing.

Would you advertise my website/store/board game on this website?

We are open to your advertising requests. You can contact us for more information through the contact form.

Board game publishers

Would you place a review of our game on your website?

Most certainly, if you could send us a copy/prototype so we can try the game out we are more than happy to write a good review about the game.

Store Owners

Could you add our shop to you website.

Of course, we want this website to provide as much information as possible. Please use the contact form to send us a link to your webstore and any information we might need.

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