Spurs: A Tale in the Old West

Spurs: A Tale in the Old West

In Spurs: A Tale in the Old West, players take on the role of adventurers in the Old West, competing to handle various challenges to become a true Legend of the West.

Players take turns moving around the main board, carrying out classic activities of the Old West, like taking on cattle-herding jobs or engaging in horse-breaking; if you are good at riding, you might end up with a nice stallion to sell! Gunslingers can go searching for wanted outlaws in the badlands or take on jobs to escort stagecoaches or deal with a gang of Desperados. Hunters will seek out wildlife in the forests (be careful as some animals might hunt you instead), while others might seek fortune by searching for gold in the mountains or gambling in the town saloons.

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Spurs: A Tale in the Old West gameplay
Released: 2014
EAN: 0787799987483
Publishers: Mr. B Games
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Spurs: A Tale in the Old West gameplay

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