Western Legends

Western Legends

In Western Legends, players will traverse the Wild West as one of the historical figures of the time (Billy the Kid, Doc Holliday, Calamity Jane, etc.), playing poker, robbing banks, and avoiding the sheriff to score Legend Points. The open-world, sandbox environment allows players to shape the landscape through their decisions and become fully immersed in the landscape of the American west.

These decisions can also lead players down the path of becoming a desperado. Once a player becomes "wanted" for their devious acts, the local sheriff will be in pursuit in order to make an arrest. Players can also attempt to catch desperados in order to claim the bounty placed on them.

Western Legends game board
Released: 2018
  • 0843495100011
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Designers: Hervé Lemaître
Artists: Roland MacDonald
Western Legends game board
Western Legends components
Western Legends cards
Western Legends cards
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Western Legends game board

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