CMON launches Kickstarter campaign for Starcadia Quest
CMON launches Kickstarter campaign for Starcadia Quest

CMON launches Kickstarter campaign for Starcadia Quest

Posted on 28 Aug 2018 by Jerodev

CMON launches Kickstarter campaign for Starcadia Quest The Arcadia Quest games are a series of fantasy games in which players use their heroes to complete dangerous quests. However, you are not doing this together with your fellow players, but as best as possible to score the most gold. Today, CMON, the publisher of the game started a Kickstarter campaign for the newest game in this series, Starcadia Quest. prepare for a galactic adventure, because this game is taking you to space.

Arcadia Quest GameplayEach of the Arcadia Quest games is divided in scenarios with each of them having their own original quests to be completed. Players each get one or more heroes which are being dropped in a dungeon (or on a space station in the new game). Now the battle to be the first to complete the mission can begin. On your way to your goal, you will most likely find several enemies, monsters and even competitors you will have to eliminate. To achieve this, many weapons, equipment, and upgrades are available to find on any map that will help you get your goals. At the end of each scenario, players get an amount of gold, corresponding to how big their part in the mission was, that can be used to buy new equipment from the market. This equipment will be taken to the next scenario.

The newest game in this series, Starcadia Quest is a standalone version of the game in which each scenario takes place in a part of a big space station. This cosmic edition contains a whole new style of components suited to this space theme. The map tiles now contain portals, computers and force fields that can be manipulated by certain types of heroes to your advantage or even in your disadvantage. Just something you should beware of.
Another new feature is that after every turn, an event card is played that can also change the game drastically. It's possible that suddenly a lot of enemies spawn around you or even that one of the heroes gets a bounty.

The game is currently available for pre-order through the Kickstarter campaign and will be available August 2019. For more information about the game, you can take a look at the Kickstarter page.

Starcadia Quest Gameplay