Arcadia Quest: Chaos Dragon

Arcadia Quest: Chaos Dragon

The mighty Chaos Dragon is sowing chaos into the city of Arcadia. The laws of nature hardly apply, and the very fabric of reality that holds the realm together threatens to unravel. The guilds of Arcadia will need an uneasy truce between them in order to take down this magnificent chaotic foe!

The Chaos Dragon box is similar to the previously announced Frost Dragon box, offering the option to extend any campaign beyond its final scenario, into an epic showdown with this mighty dragon. Of course, this box is a whole new experience for players, with new mechanics and new gear bringing all new challenges and strategies!

Arcadia Quest: Chaos Dragon components
Released: 2017
EAN: 0889696003126
Publishers: CMON Limited (Cool Mini Or Not)
Online stores
Store Languages Price Stock  
Amazon_com gb $ 29.99 
Milan Spiele gb € 32.00 
Amazon_it gb € 44.44 
Amazon_fr gb € 44.62 
Amazon_de gb € 59.00 
Amazon_es gb € 66.80 
Philibert gb € 40.85 
Summoner gb € 72.95 

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Arcadia Quest: Chaos Dragon components

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