Mask of Moai

  30-60 min.
Mask of Moai is a cooperative game in which Virtual Reality (VR) is used. Insert a free application installed Smartphone into the Moai shaped VR goggles !
By wearing the VR goggles, a view of the interior of the temple will be shown.
Explain the scenery you have seen to your team members and create a map of the temple. Lurking inside the temple there are three strange creatures named Rapa Rapas. The person who finds a Rapa Rapa must try to remember its appearance and create its shape with clay. The clay Rapa Rapas will be moved on the map when the answer is checked.
The game is won if the map is correct and the Rapa Rapas are gathered in one place to be rescued.
A smartphone is required to play this game.

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