Escape Room The Game: Virtual Reality

Escape Room The Game: Virtual Reality box
3 - 5 
60 min. 
The brand new Escape Room experienced in Virtual Reality!

Can the players complete the adventures in the virtual environment together? Escape Room: Virtual Reality includes a pair of Virtual Reality goggles that allows players to enter the game world live with the Escape Room app.

Trapped in a submarine or crashed with a helicopter, the players must work together to complete the adventure successfully and free themselves from the predicament. But there is not much time to do this, in just one hour all tasks have to be solved in order to win together! The interactive environments to the adventures are 360 ​​° scenes with many hidden puzzles and moving objects. Only through good communication will players be able to solve all tasks.

In the new Chrono Decoder app, the codes can be entered quickly and easily. The chrono decoder from the basic game can still be used. Escape Room: Virtual Reality lets players dive into new game environments. The players are no longer just players but part of the adventure. A unique experience that no one will ever forget!

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