Guards! Guards! - A Discworld Boardgame

Guards! Guards! - A Discworld Boardgame

Guards! Guards! A Discworld Boardgame sees players taking on the role of newly recruited members of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch. With the Eight Great Spells missing from the Unseen University, the future of the Disc hangs in the balance. Each player is tasked with collecting and returning a number of the spells to the university before it is too late. Each player selects one of four Guilds to infiltrate: Thieves, Assassins, Alchemists or Fools. Their chosen Guild Card will give them a specific selection of the Great Spells to collect and grants them a unique Guild Ability which can be used to hinder their opponents. It is also used to mark the players Charm, Guild and Magic abilities, which can be developed throughout the game.

Guards! Guards! - A Discworld Boardgame gameplay
Released: September 2011
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  • ZMG7089
Artists: Stephen Player
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Guards! Guards! - A Discworld Boardgame gameplay

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