Krosmaster: Arena - Brotherhood of Tofu

Krosmaster: Arena - Brotherhood of Tofu

Expansion for

Find Yugo and his friends Ruel, Amalia, Evangelyne and Percedal in one box! And surprise guest, the one whom you do not expect, the most feared of the World of Twelve, Xelor Nox in person!

This is an expansion to Krosmaster: Arena. It contains:

  • Six new figures (Percedal, Yugo, Nox, Evangelyne, Ruel Stroud and Amalia)
  • Six character cards
  • Two minimaps
  • Two token sheets
  • A code to play online characters
In the Hall of the Mountain King gameplay
Released: 2013
EAN: 3760162397680
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In the Hall of the Mountain King gameplay

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