Krosmaster: Arena - Frigost

Krosmaster: Arena - Frigost box
2 - 4 
60 min. 
Welcome to Frigost. Home of the cold-hearted Count Harebourg and the site of the first Extension for Krosmaster: Arena. The Demons of the Hours and Minutes have selected this desolate region as your next battleground and they are particularly excited for the new dangers awaiting you. Give them a good show, but be sure to keep your head!

Stuck in an endless winter, Frigost has seen its hero turned into a pariah. Today, Gallifree Yan de Harebourg is the most wanted person on the continent, because it's his fault things are as cold as they are! And in the arena, Count Harebourg's fighting style will send shivers down your spine...

New arenas, new backgrounds, new demonic rewards, new mob tokens, frozen markers... This extension will make you shiver with delight!

Included in the expansion are:

1 double-sided game board
1 exclusive figure with card
24 scenery elements (6x trees, 6x dead tree, 6x box, 6x shrubs)
15 summons tokens
72 demonic rewards tokens
33 frozen markers
1 18-page rulebook

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