Bohn To Be Wild!

Bohn To Be Wild!

In Bohn To Be Wild!, a standalone title that celebrates fifteen years of the classic Bohnanza card game, players want to do what they've always done: Plant beans in their fields and sell them for as many coins as possible, while trading cards with other players to get around the restriction of not being able to rearrange cards in your hand.

Bohn To Be Wild! mixes things up, however, by including eleven new types of beans – including Jamaica, helmet and horse beans – rules for solo play, and special "wild" beans. Unlike the original German Bohnanza, this game allows for play with up to seven players.

Bohn To Be Wild! components
Released: 2012
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Designers: Uwe Rosenberg
Artists: Björn Pertoft
Bohn To Be Wild! components
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Bohn To Be Wild! components

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