Bohnanza: The Duel

Bohnanza: The Duel box
50 min. 
Gifts are common in the bean-trading card game Bohnanza as players don't want to spoil the crops in their own field by needing to make room for something new. In Bohnanza: Das Duell, a two-player version of Bohnanza, players will find that gifts are not always welcome — but they do have the option of providing a "gift" of their own to their "generous" opponent!

In more detail, Bohnanza: Das Duell features eight different types of beans, valued 6-20 with only the even numbers being used; Each bean has as many copies in the deck as its number, and each bean card features a "beanometer" that shows how many beans you need to sell to earn 1-4 coins.

Each player starts with five bean cards in hand as well as three bonus cards with secret orders. On a turn, the active player must plant one card from hand in one of their bean fields. Then they reveal two cards from the top of the deck, keeping and planting them if desired or offering to trade them with the opponent. You can also choose to offer cards as a gift to your opponent, but if the opponent accepts this gift, then they must offer you a gift in return — most likely something you don't want!

In Bohnanza, you can plant cards only of the same number in a bean field; in Bohnanza: Das Duell, this rule is relaxed and you can plant the same number or cards of exactly the next higher rank. When you harvest this field for coins, you must use the beanometer on the most recently played card in that field.

More importantly, when the combination of bean card types in one of your fields matches a secret order card in hand, you can reveal that order to score bonus coins. In the end, whoever has the most coins wins!

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