Starcadia Quest: ARRRmada

Starcadia Quest: ARRRmada

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ARRRmada is a modular expansion that can be plugged into and played with any other Starcadia scenario - but players must be extra careful when facing Pirates: for each Pirate Assault card that is activated while any Pirates are on the board, they will steal away some of the Upgrade tokens that would have otherwise been available loot for players!

Featuring a brand new Campaign with 6 new Scenarios against Captain Wet Willy and his mates, new Upgrade tokens and 3 new Game Tiles, ARRRmada offers a ton of new content to your Starcadia experience!

Starcadia Quest: ARRRmada cards
Released: 2019
EAN: 0889696008749
Publishers: CMON Limited (Cool Mini Or Not)
Starcadia Quest: ARRRmada cards
Starcadia Quest: ARRRmada miniatures
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Starcadia Quest: ARRRmada cards

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