Kwis 't!

Kwis 't!

Kwis ‘t! is a quizgame with a twist. You are able to win without answering most questions correct. You win Kwis ‘t! by psychology, knowing your facts and a little luck. Every player answers the same five questions per round. After the correct answers have been given to you, you put your marker on how many questions you’ve answered correct. However, you can bluff! You can earn bonus by fooling your opponents and by calling a bluff of an opponent. Use your reputation as a walking encyclopaedia or a notorious braggart. If you outsmart your opponents, you win Kwis ‘t!

Kwis 't! gameplay
Released: 2017
  • 9789082093537
  • 9789082093520
Publishers: Waterfall Games
Artists: Kraakmakend
Kwis 't! gameplay
Kwis 't! components
Kwis 't! manual
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Kwis 't! gameplay

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