Privacy Quickie

Privacy Quickie box
5 - 10 
35 min. 
In Privacy Quickie, each player receives several YES and NO answer cards, and the question cards are placed number-side-up in the middle of the table. At the beginning of the round, the start player takes the topmost question card from the draw deck and reads the question whose number corresponds to the number on top of the deck. For example: "I have taken a test drive before I was even allowed to drive!"

Each player answers honestly, but secretly, by placing a YES or NO answer card face down in the middle of the table. Each player must now guess how many players have answered YES. Jot each player's guess on the scoresheet in the proper column. Shuffle the answer cards briefly, then reveal them. Anyone who guessed exactly right gets three points; anyone who was off by one gets one point. Record the points on the scoresheet in each player's left column. The game ends after 15 rounds, and whoever was best able to assess their fellow players, and thus earn the most points, wins.

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