Manipulate the influential characters of the city and hide yourself behind a mask to swindle your opponents and enrich yourself at their expense. Bluff, psychology and fun are melt in that Bruno Faidutti's new game, the author of Citadels.

Mascarade components
Released: 2013
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  • 5425016922439
Designers: Bruno Faidutti
Mascarade components
Mascarade cards
Mascarade coins
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Lotana € 17.50 fr € 17.22
Philibert fr € 17.95
Fnac FR fr fr € 19.98
SpelSpul gb nl € 19.95
Spelgezel gb € 19.00 gb € 20.74 it € 20.99
Summoner gb € 20.95 it $ 25.99 it € 24.85 fr € 26.46 fr € 26.57 it € 28.93 it € 32.81 pl  79.95 zł
Spelhuis fr € 18.98
Philibert gb € 19.95
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Mascarade components

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