Tokaido Crossroads

Tokaido Crossroads

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The Tokaido is ready to unveil a few more treasures for the most faithful Travelers: cherry trees in full bloom, luxurious bathhouses, good luck charms, calligraphy, legendary objects, and even clandestine gambling rooms are now part of the journey! Tokaido: Crossroads, an expansion for the game Tokaido, will open up new doors and many new possibilities to make your journey even richer and more strategic.

Tokaido Crossroads components
Released: 2013
EAN: 3770001556116
Designers: Antoine Bauza
Artists: Xavier Gueniffey Durin
Tokaido Crossroads components
Tokaido Crossroads components
Tokaido Crossroads back of the box
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Philibert gb € 18.95
l'Alchimiste gb € 19.90
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Tokaido Crossroads components

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