Arcadia Quest: Hassan

Arcadia Quest: Hassan

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A strange prince, from a distant land. Hassan's combat prowess might only be rated as 'adequate' if not for his astonishing luck. He credits his forward thinking battle strategies and the mystic Dagger of Rhee-Do. Enemies that would surely have struck him a fatal blow find themselves outmaneuvered and bleeding from dozens of tiny wounds (and with sand rubbed in them no less!) As a prince of a desert kingdom, Hassan began his journey not long after eternal night fell. For, while relief from the desert heat was relieving at the time, things have gotten a good bit colder, and firewood is notoriously hard to come by in the dunes.

Arcadia Quest: Hassan card
Released: 2014
Publishers: CMON Limited (Cool Mini Or Not)
Designers: Eric M. Lang
Arcadia Quest: Hassan card
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Arcadia Quest: Hassan card

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