Kingdom Builder: Crossroads

Kingdom Builder: Crossroads box
2 - 5 
45 min. 
Base game:
New locations and new challenges are what the land needs! Kingdom Builder: Crossroads includes four new landscapes with two different location spaces to offer new options to shape the kingdom. The task cards challenge players to build their settlements in a certain way in order to gain even more gold at the end of the game.

Crossroads introduces 8 new unique location abilities, two on each of the game board sections. The usual set up and gameplay rules apply, but new pieces are used.

6 task cards are also introduced. These allow for additional end game scoring. The three Kingdom Builder cards are selected as usual, and then 1 task card is randomly chosen for each Crossroads game section that is in play. These show specific achievements that players get points for completing at the end of the game, such as having a settlement on each of the 4 map edges.

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