Penoza box
2 - 4 
45 min. 
With this board game you will experience the criminal world of Penoza. You take the role of person who suddenly receives some packages of coke. Telling the police is no option and you can definitely use some money so selling them would be the best idea. You decide to sell the drugs to clear your debts. In the beginning you try to solve problems on your own, but before even noticing you’re in the middle of the some serious drugs trafficking. Paying Hirelings, money laundering and bluffing are all part of this intense strategy game. Are you capable of getting yourself out of this mess?

Penoza the board game is a strategy game playable with up to four friends. Use your bluffing skills to sell your coke at the black market and use that money to expand your team of Runners, Launderers and Hirelings. While each player tries to sell his way out of the criminal world, police is trying to track you down and competitors are trying to outsmart your deals. In this game you will see a lot of famous characters from the television series Penoza, but you will be able to experience the crime world in your own unique way. Would you go all in to win the highest price at the black market, or do you keep low profile until it’s the right moment to strike. Penoza is a strategic family game which takes a combination of skills and luck to master.

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