De Mol: De code-opdracht

De Mol: De code-opdracht

De Mol De code-opdracht is a cooperative social deduction board game.

Players work together to try to solve 3 codes on the board by combining a set of dice. While doing so 1 player is de mol and tries to stop the other players from solving the code. But he must do this without being noticed. The game is playable with up to 6 players and takes about 45 minutes. The game has his own app with an AR-function to play an advanced version of the game.

De Mol: De code-opdracht game board
Released: October 2019
EAN: 8718866301576
Publishers: Just Games
Designers: René Groen
De Mol: De code-opdracht game board
De Mol: De code-opdracht components
De Mol: De code-opdracht cards
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De Mol: De code-opdracht game board

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