Kids Table BG

Kids Table was born from the passion of Helaina Cappel. The mother of two board gamers in training and the wife of a game designer and illustrator, Josh Cappel, naturally she too would enter the game industry. Together, Josh and Helaina design and publish games for adults, that kids can play too! Foodfighters was Helaina and Josh's first go at publishing and they are loving every second of it. Helaina is also a math teacher; she has built a series of lessons in her classroom that focus on board games. Helaina has taken a very non-traditional stance in her math class, including the study of probabilities in games. Eventually, Helaina decided to take her belief in kids as game designers out of the traditional classroom and create a place where kids' creativity is at the core. From time-to-time, she runs an after-school program where kids come with an idea and leave with a full-fledged analogue game. Josh, who has been in the game industry for years, is a Jack-of-all-trades. His roles include designing, illustrating, graphic design, rules editing, and so much more. Josh is the co-designer of Wasabi, Bomb Squad Academy, Merchants, and Marauders; Broadsides, and has illustrated and done the graphic design for games such as Belfort, Scoville, Scoville Labs, The Manhattan Project; Energy Empire, and more. We are both so excited to embark on our second project, Problem Picnic; Attack of the Ants.

Board games published by Kids Table BG

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