Capsicum Games

Capsicum Games is a board game publisher based in Paris offering its creations since 2014.

Our games are aimed at a young adult audience, both casual and core gamers. Indeed all our games have the distinction of being very quick to assimilate while offering depth and high re-playability.

We work with passion and seek to share our creations with the greatest number. We create the best possible gaming experience for future players. It goes through a neat booklet, qualitative and well thought materials, astonishing graphics and effective mechanics that will appeal to novices and experts. We have spent hours and hours of testing, proofreading, prototyping to create games that should not take the dust!

With dozens of testers, translators, proofreaders, illustrators, designers, 3D artists, many people are orbiting a game and each making a contribution. What matters is the desire and shared pleasure.

Board games published by Capsicum Games

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