Siggils are magical seals where spirits are locked. The players must untie a Siggil and capture the spirits that are escaping!

Siggil is a card game for 1 to 4 players that contains seven families of seven cards numbered 1 to 7 and seven unique spirits cards, each associated with a family and a number. All cards are thoroughly shuffled, including spirits, then placed level-by-level, overlapping face down and face up, according to a simple form called a Siggil. The game includes a description to build several Siggils like: The Pass, The Turtle or The Pyramids.

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Siggil gameplay
Released: 2015
Designers: Henri Kermarrec
Artists: Maud Chalmel
Online stores
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Amazon_fr fr € 15.00 
Amazon_es fr € 19.18 
Amazon_it fr € 21.00 
Philibert fr € 23.45 
Amazon_de fr € 35.99 

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Siggil gameplay

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