Pandemic Legacy Season 1 - Red Edition

Pandemic Legacy Season 1 - Red Edition

The world is on the brink of disaster. In Pandemic Legacy, your disease fighting team must keep four deadly diseases at bay for a whole year. Each month will bring new surprises, and your actions in each game will have repercussions on the next. Will you let cities fall to the diseases? Will your team be enough to keep the viruses at bay for a whole year?

Craft your own unique Pandemic experience with Pandemic Legacy.

  • An epic twist on the now classic Pandemic mechanisms.
  • Ever-changing elements means that every game will be unique to your group.
  • Shape the world, the characters, and even the diseases.
Pandemic Legacy Season 1 - Red Edition gameplay
Released: 2015
EAN: 0681706711713
Weight: 2140g
Designers: Matt Leacock
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Amazon_fr it € 72.74 
Philibert fr € 72.85 
Amazon_it it € 79.90 
Amazon_de gb € 82.46 
Amazon_it gb € 96.58 
Spellenhuis nl € 67.90 
Lotana nl € 73.80 
FantasyWelt gb € 76.26 
Spellenrijk gb € 79.95 
Philibert gb € 84.90 
Spellenhuis gb € 97.90 
Fun nl € 54.99 
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Pandemic Legacy Season 1 - Red Edition gameplay

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