Corsairs of Valeria

Corsairs of Valeria

With the current Commodore lost at sea, you and your fellow Corsairs have set out to complete the traditional challenge – the first captain to sail the Valerian Isles and gather enough silver to fill six treasure chests will be the next Commodore. Seize the dice and roll, you scurvy Orc lover!

Coins earn you silver, Grog gives you the power to re-roll your dice, Cannons let you attack merchant ships or opponents to take their silver, and Maps move your ship forward. Watch out for the curses though, because each one you roll means a silver coin lost to Exekratys, or more commonly known as Skull Island to true Corsairs.

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Corsairs of Valeria gameplay
Released: November 2019
EAN: 0602573043943
Designers: Wouter van Strien
Artists: Mihajlo Dimitrievski
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Milan Spiele gb € 24.50 
Amazon_de de € 30.00 
Adriaensen Speciaalzaak gb € 31.50 
Amazon_de gb € 36.00 
Philibert gb € 38.90 
Magierspiele gb € 20.70 
FantasyWelt gb € 34.39 

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Corsairs of Valeria gameplay

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