Salvation Road

Salvation Road

In Salvation Road, the players control 4 to 8 characters struggling to survive in a barren wasteland.

A set of Heroes, exceptional individuals, are holed up in a barricaded Compound, protecting a group of young, old, and wounded Survivors. The desert around them is filled with the shattered husks of buildings, and with marauding gangs of bandits. The Survivors are doing their best to keep the Marauders at bay. Some have even been recruited by the heroes to help search through this wasteland, scavenging Resources.

The good news is that they've heard radio broadcasts from a settlement called Salvation, which claims to be a safe haven with plenty of food and water.

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Salvation Road game board
Released: 2016
EAN: 0602003999420
Publishers: Van Ryder Games
Artists: Venessa Kelley
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Amazon_fr gb € 37.23 gb € 55.99 
Amazon_de gb € 59.90 
Adriaensen Speciaalzaak gb € 61.20 
Amazon_es gb € 64.68 
Amazon_it gb € 116.62 
Summoner gb € 94.95 

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Salvation Road game board

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