Thomas Lehmann

I've been playing game since I was a child overseas. We only owned a few games, so one day, I started inventing my own. In the 90s, I started Prism Games to publish boardgames, including Fast Food Franchise, Time Agent, and, with Jim Hlavaty, 2038. I went freelance in the 00s, designing card, dice, and board games for the international market, including: Pizarro & Co., To Court the King, 1846, Phoenicia, and Race for the Galaxy, plus various expansions, including three Pandemic expansions with Matt Leacock. I've also co-written three LARPs and have been roleplaying since 1976, GMing long-running campaigns of Bushido, Call of Cthulhu, and Legends of the Five Rings, as well as short adventures in many systems.
Warhammer 40.000 Combat Patrol: Space Wolves miniatures