Our Kickstarter picks for September 2018
Our Kickstarter picks for September 2018

Our Kickstarter picks for September 2018

Posted on 17 Sep 2018 by Jerodev

Our Kickstarter picks for September 2018 For some weeks it has been very calm on the board game pages of Kickstarter, but the first weeks of September have brought some really interesting tabletop campaigns with them that have caught our attention. These are our picks that we will most certainly back this month.

The Artemis Project

The Artemis Project takes place on Europa, one of the moons of the planet Jupiter. Humanity has successfully started a colony on this moon and now multiple teams have gone there to further research and reclaim the moon. Each player takes the role of one of these teams and will have to collect resources to construct buildings and acquire new characters to complete their team. The game uses a unique form of the worker placement mechanism using dice. Players throw their own dice and use these to go to the different locations. When all dice have been placed the locations are being executed. The lower dice get executed first but get the least amount of results, higher dice are executed last and can have more results if resources are still available at that location. After six rounds, points are being counted according to how well you helped the colony and the player with the most points wins the game. The Kickstarter campaign is active until the first week of October.

Tiny Epic Mechs

Tiny Epic Mechs is the newest game in the Tiny Epic series. In this game, players are battling each other in a futuristic arena that is being televised. Players use special attacks to eliminate their enemies but in the first place, to get the viewers to their side. The more viewers like you, the more money you get to buy more weapons and equipment for your warrior in the field. The arena also contains mechanical suits that the players can get to and use. These suits are a great advantage as they can use bigger guns and other weapons and can also take more damage. The game is being played in six round and different ways of playing the game depict who is the winner at the end of these rounds. Tiny Epic Mechs is currently on Kickstarter until the first week of October.

Everdell Pearlbrook

Everdell Pearlbrook is an expansion for Everdell, a game that has had an enormously successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year. The new expansion adds a new part to the original game board, here the underwater animals live. You will find new cards on this board for new buildings and animals that need a place to live in the village. There is also a new resource that will have to be collected here: pearls. To be able to visit the lake, each player also gets a frog worker. This Kickstarter campaign is available for a few more days until the end of the month.