Stone age anniversary announced for its tenth birthday

27 Aug 2018 by Jerodev

Ten years ago, Z-Man Games released this iconic worker placement game and until this day it is still one of the best-known games in its genre. To celebrate this day, the publisher is releasing an anniversary edition for Stone Age that combines the base game, expansion, new components and a new way of playing the game.

As the name implies, the game Stone Age takes place in the prehistoric stone age. You have to send out your tribe's workers to the fields, forests, and mountains to collect resources like food, stone, wood, and gold. These can, in turn, be used to build better huts, develop technologies and evolve into a better village. The player that does this best of all and so has collected the most points by the end of the game can call himself the best tribe leader and is the winner of the game.

The anniversary edition of this game will contain everything from the base game including the expansion as well as new and upgraded components. It will also contain a new map on the other side of the player board set in winter. In this severe winter, resources are scarce and you have to keep track of your food to be sure to survive this harsh season. This is an extra hard way of playing the game.

Other than the box, there are no pictures of the Anniversary Edition yet, it probably won't be long before some are released as the game is said to be available by the end of this year in limited capacity. It is possible to pre-order the game through the website of Z-Man Games. However, we sadly noticed that delivery costs for Europe are through the roof.

Stone Age Anniversary edition

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