Fantasy Flight announces unique exploration game Discover: Lands Unknown

14 Aug 2018 by Jerodev

Yesterday, Fantasy Flight Games announced their newest game, Discover: Lands Unknown in their special series they named Unique Games. This series consists of games where each box is unique, so the game you bought will have drastically other components compared to the same game bought by a friend.

In the game Discover: Lands Unknown, every player takes the role of a character and is dropped in one of the several biomes that come in the game without any explanation where you are or how you got there. The locations are all very different, ranging from snowy mountain peaks to dry deserts and uninhabited islands (or so it seems). Now it is your turn to survive this location and find a way to escape, this can be done all by yourself or with the help of the other players who somehow got here.

Discover: Lands Unknown personagesAll characters in the game come with their own backstory and unique skills, so it is recommended to take a look at your co-survivors' skills and work together with those who have skills that might come in handy in your future endeavors. For example, there are characters that are better in exploring and discovering new landscapes, other characters excel in collecting resources to create new items and others are good fighters that can help ward off enemies, wild animals or other unknown dangers.

As mentioned before, Fantasy Flight Games promises that every game box that will be made of this game will be unique. The game mechanics will, of course, be the same for each box and some common components will be contained in every copy. But location tiles, characters, and cards will be drastically different in every box. This does sound like a cool concept, however, we wonder what the added benefit is of this unique box system. We hope to find this out when the game releases. The game has most certainly picked our interest, we are very curious for more updates and will be keeping an eye on this one.

componenten voor Discover: Lands Unknown


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