MONDO creates Jurassic Park The Chaos Gene board game for the films 25th birthday

16 Jul 2018 by Jerodev

It has already been 25 years ago that Steven Spielberg brought the dinosaurs to live in his legendary movie Jurassic Park. To celebrate this great anniversary, MONDO will publish a new strategic board game with miniatures depicting the most iconic characters in this movie. The game we are talking about is Jurassic Park: The Chaos Gene.

Jurassic Park: The Chaos Gene is an asymmetrical game in which 2 to 4 players compete against each other. Each player takes the role of one of the factions in the park and tries to be the first to reach his goal. The four different factions are InGen, Park Visitors, Raptors or the T. rex. To complete your mission, you will have to search the park for items that might help you further. Alongside this, you will have encounters with dinosaurs where you will have to attack or avoid them. These encounters will be awarded experience points for your faction that can make you smarter or stronger. The game will come with different scenarios and a modular park so no playthrough is ever the same. Every faction also has a totally unique feel to it and has its own talents to make sure that your adventure through the park is never the same.

The game will be made available in the fall of this year by MONDO. For more information about the game and the different factions, as well as new updates, take a look at the official website.

Jurassic Park: The Chaos Gene - Park Visitors

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