Codenames: Pictures will be in stores next month

10 Aug 2016 by Jerodev

Codenames: Pictures, the successor to this jears spiel des jahres Codenames, was available to play and buy last week on GenCon for the early birds. But now, Czech Games Edition announced that the game will be in stores worldwide next month.

To play Codenames: Pictures, a grid of twenty cards are placed on the table showing different objects. These object represent agents from one of two teams playing the game. The leader of the team knows wich cards belong to his team and has to lead the other team members to the correct cards using subtle hints about the objects. Because if the other team finds this agent first, they can eliminate him or her!


Codenames pictures cards
An example grid of cards for playing Codenames: pictures


The game consists of 280 different cards with unique illustrations that cannot just be described with a few words. It's the task of the teamleader to tell an original story that only his teammates will understand! More information about the game can be found on the blog by Czech Games Edition.

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