Uwe Rosenberg completes tile laying trilogy with Spring Meadow
Uwe Rosenberg completes tile laying trilogy with Spring Meadow

Uwe Rosenberg completes tile laying trilogy with Spring Meadow

Posted on 5 Jun 2018 by Jerodev

Uwe Rosenberg completes tile laying trilogy with Spring Meadow The past years, Uwe Rosenberg has released two games in his series about plants, flowers, and gardening where you try to fill your own board with tiles in the best way. This year he is completing this trilogy with the third and last game in the series, Spring Meadow. Put on your boots because we are going hiking in beautiful meadows you are going to make.

In 2016 the German designer presented us with Cottage Garden at Spiel '16. This title game was a successor to the lighter game he published two years before, Patchwork. Cottage Garden had a lot of similarities with Patchwork, however, the game added more challenges to the game and the ability to play the game solo or up to four players.
A year later, Uwe Rosenberg released the sequel to this game at Spiel '17, Indian Summer. This game challenges you again to fill your own player board with tiles from the middle of the table. This game was the first that contained tiles with holes that had to be placed strategically on the board so they make special bonuses visible that you can use in one of your turns.

Spring Meadow Stronghold Games doosThis year, the designer announced the third and last game in this trilogy, Spring Meadow. This year the game will not be released at Spiel '18, even better, the game will already be available in stores next month!

In the game, you collect tiles in the same way as in Cottage Garden. You can choose a tile from a grid of 5 by 5 tiles, but you can only take on of the row or column the signpost is on. The tile you take, you can place on your own meadow board. Now the signpost goes to the next column or row and it's the next players turn. When the signpost reaches a position where only one tile can be chosen, a scoring round is triggered.
You score points for every complete row your field has starting from the very bottom until you reach the first row that is not complete. All above rows are not counted, even if they are complete. Each tile in the first row that is not complete also counts as a point. The player that scores the most points at this moment receives a hiker token, the tile board is refilled and a new turn starts. When any player receives his second hiker token, this player is the winner of the game!

The game also contains sever extra challenges to make the game more interesting. Like Indian Summer, the game also has tiles with holes in them, if you can combine multiple holes together you get bonus tiles to help you fill your meadow faster. But, beware for marmots, because their holes will limit the way you can put your meadow tiles on the board!

According to the publishers of the game, this will be the most strategic of the three and after playing the other two, I'm realy looking forward to play this one as well!