The nice weather calls for the best outdoor games
The nice weather calls for the best outdoor games

The nice weather calls for the best outdoor games

Posted on 28 Jun 2018 by Jerodev

The nice weather calls for the best outdoor games The summer is back and with it the beautiful weather, so this is the perfect moment to come outside and play games in the sunlight. But we know that not every game is made to play outside, wind and other factors can make it hard to game. So we listed a few games that are perfect to play outside this time of year.

Mölkky houten spel voor buiten

When we talk about outdoor games, Mölkky is the first game that springs to mind. Mölkky is a game you will most certainly like if you already like to play Kubb.
Every player plays for themselves. On your turn, you are allowed to throw the stick in the field to try and score as many points as possible. If you knock over a single wooden tower, you get the points depicted on that tower. However, if you knock over multiple towers, you get points according to the number of towers independent of the number on those towers. The first player to score 50 points is the winner of the game. However, if you ever get more than fifty points, you get dropped back to 25 points.


Kubb is a second wooden game you can play outside at an open place. This game does require a bit more space than Mölkky. The game is played on a fixed field with two teams each on their side. Every team has five towers defending them and the other team has to knock these over before they can attempt an attack on the king. If you can knock over one of the towers, this tower becomes a knight on your side of the field and the other team has to knock these over as well before attacking the king, this makes for a game that can go very back and forth. The first team to knock over all towers and knights of the opposing team and knocks over the king successfully is victorious!


Do you rather play a less active game at the table? In that case we recommend Crokinole. The game is played on a circular board, your goal is to shoot your wooden discs from the side into the regions of the board that score the most points. The twist, however, is that every disc you shoot has to hit another players disc before it comes to a halt, otherwise it is removed from the board. When all discs have been flicked, points are being counted and the team that has the most points is the winner.

KanJam is a popular game in America that is slowly making its way to Europe. You play the game in teams of two. One player is the thrower who throws the disc to the tube on the other side, the other player is standing next to the tube to help the disc score points. If the player at the tube can make the disc hit the tube the team gets one point. If the disc hits the tube without any help, the team gets two points. If the second player can hit the disc in the tube, the team is awarded three points. Teams throw the disc in turns and the first team to get 21 points is the winner. But the tube also has a slot that just fits the disc, if the thrower can get the disc through the slot without help, the team wins immediately.