Monopoly Gamer expands with a Mario Kart edition

29 Mar 2018 by Jerodev

Last year, Hasbro worked together with Nintendo on an original version of the well known Monopoly game in the world of Super Mario with all his friends and enemies from the video game. The success of this game was so great that the publishers collaborated again on a new Monopoly Gamer edition, namely Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart.

The new Monopoly Gamer is a game based on the computer game Mario Kart. In this racing game, you try to be the first in a race with all your favorite characters from the world of Nintendo. The races take place on iconic tracks based on levels from different Super Mario games. In the monopoly games players race over the board in the same race karts that are found in the computer game, you can now buy the race tracks and collect coins this way. Just like in the video game, you can also hinder your opponents by shooting shells at them and dropping banana peels on the track.

At the moment the game is only available in America through GameStop stores, but Hasbro has announced that this June they will also sell the game on their own website and it will be available in retail stores all around the world. In the future, this game will also receive power packs that add more characters to the game just like with the original Monopoly Gamer.

Monopoly Gamer components


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