Asmodee brings a new expansion for Dixit
Asmodee brings a new expansion for Dixit

Asmodee brings a new expansion for Dixit

Posted on 6 Aug 2016 by Jerodev

Asmodee brings a new expansion for Dixit Dixit: Revelations, this will be the name of the seventh expansion to the amazing popular party game Dixit. This is what Asmodee announced a while ago on their own website.

In Dixit, one of the players tries to describe a card as good as possible using one word or sentence. After this, all players choose one card from their hands that they think fits best to that description. The chosen cards are being shuffled and played open on the table. Now everybody, except the first player, has to vote on what card was the first player's card. Players get points for other players that voted on their cards and get points for guessing the first player's card correct. After this, new round starts and another player describes one of his cards.


Dixit: Revelations kaarten
A few examples of the cards in Dixit: Revelations


The cards in this new expansion are being designed by the French designer Marina Coudray. The style of Coudray is full of hidden meanings and mysterious images from classical mythologies. This makes for a very challenging set, good for hours of fun.

According to the blog post by Asmodee, the game will be available worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2016.