You’ve got crabs, a new game by the group behind Exploding Kittens

15 Feb 2018 by Jerodev

Exploding Kittens is a party game that broke records in 2015 with its Kickstarter campaign. The designers of this game haven't been idle since. Last year they released Bears vs Babies and this year, the group releases their new game that is called You've Got Crabs. But you have to be fast!

In You've Got Crabs, players form teams of two players. Each team has to privately decide on a secret sign that they can use to indicate to their teammate that they can score points. All players now join around the table with the teams sitting across from each other. Everyone gets four cards with different crab sorts depicted on them. Half of each team may now trade cards with the ones on the table, as many as they want. If at any moment, you have four crabs of the same sort, you have to communicate this to your teammate with the secret sign. If your teammate points at you and shouts "You've got crabs", your team scores a point. However, if another player notices you doing some sort of secret sign and they call you out first, you lose a point. So be sure to choose a very good and generic secret sign.

The group has chosen to not distribute this game through Kickstarter but sell the game immediately through their own website. But you have to be quick, the initial circulation is limited. If you order now, there is no waiting period like on Kickstarter, but the game will be shipped to you in the first couple of days. Have fun with this crabtivating game!

componenten in het spel You've got crabs

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