Uwe Rosenberg teases new Patchwork variants

5 Feb 2018 by Jerodev

Last weekend images appeared on social media show pictures and images of a rack with new game boxes by Lookout Spiele. Between these boxes, there were obviously some design concepts because they are the original boxes with "erweitung" (expansion) on them. But what stood out to us and other people were two new variants for the game Patchwork.

In Patchwork players try to fill a grid of nine by nine with pieces of fabric in the form of Tetris tiles. To buy these tiles, you need buttons. You get buttons by placing the correct tiles on your player board. Make sure there are no empty fields on your board by the end of the game because these give you negative points. The player who has the most points by the end of the game and the least negative points is the winner.

The picture by Lookout Spiele shows two new variants of the game, Patchwork Express, and Patchwork Xtrem. Patchwork Express seems to still be a two player game, so possibly this might be an expansion for the original game. Patchwork Xtrem has no indication of the number of players, so this might be a variant with more players. Of course, all of these are just speculations, we still have to wait for the official announcements by Lookout Spiele to know anything for sure.

The new game boxes by Lookout Spiele

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