Gamewright announces Forbidden Sky

Forbidden Desert and Forbidden Island are two cooperative games published by Gamewright. These games drops the players in a dangerous environment where they have to work together and collect objects that will help them to survive and escape the location. This year, a new challenge will be added to this list!

The "Forbidden games" is a series of games by Matt Leacock where players are tasked to collect equipment and complete objectives on a board existing of different tiles that might constantly change during the game. players have to work together to use their equipment and abilities at the correct time on the correct place to be able to leave the location together before they are trapped forever.

In Forbidden Island players want to collect all the treasures that are hidden on a mysterious island that is slowly but surely sinking to the bottom of the ocean. You have to work together or split up to all corners of the island to find the location of the treasures and grab them. But you have to do this before the island drowns! Forbidden Desert drops the players in a desert that is plagued by a dangerous sandstorm that covers everything in sand where it passes. Your helicopter has been destroyed by the crash landing so you will have to find a new way to escape the storm and leave the desert.

This week, Gamewright and Matt Leacock announced a third game in this series, Forbidden Sky. Not much is yet known about the game, but the teaser speaks of a danger in the sky after the players survived a dangerous island and a dry desert.




Posted on 30 Jan 2018 by Jerodev | source

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