Tiny Epic Zombies adds survival to the Tiny Epic series

22 Jan 2018 by Jerodev

Last weekend, Gamelyn Games introduced their newest game in the Tiny Epic games series, Tiny Epic Zombies. In this game, players are dropped in a mall that has been overrun by zombies. Work together or play competitively to make sure you can complete all goals to survive and leave the mall unharmed!

The Tiny Epic games is a series of board- and card games that are easy to learn in a short time but still have a lot of depth and are different for every playthrough. The content of the game will always fit in a small box, hence the 'Tiny' in the name. Currently, the series consists of five different games and three expansions for these games from which the last, Tiny Epic Quests, was just released at the end of last year. The new installment, Tiny Epic Zombies, will be the sixth game in these series.

The 6 design goals of a Tiny Epic game!
The 6 design goals of a Tiny Epic game!

In Tiny Epic Zombies, up to five players are dropped in the courtyard of a mall that has been overrun by zombies. It is up to you to search for and collect different objects and equipment to collect up to three different goals that allow you to leave the complex safely before you all turn to zombies. This can be achieved in five different variants of the game. One variant lets a player control the zombies while the other players either work together or play coöperative to survive. There is also a solo variant where you try to survive and escape all on your own!

Tiny Epic Zombies gameplayThe game contains multiple double sided store cards that make for a variable layout of the mall that will be different for every playthrough. Every player also has his own meeple that can carry up to two items to defend himself. These items are represented using ITEMeeples® that were introduced in Tiny Epic Quests. This way, you can actualy add the items to your meeple. For example, there are chainsaws, shotguns, and axes that you can add to your meeple to plow through zombies.

On his turn, a player can move his character up to three places throughout the mall. Hereafter, actions can be provoked by the location the meeple has ended on. You might encounter a zombie that is in the same location as you, or you can shoot at a zombie that is in a room directly next to you if you have enough ammunition. After all these actions, you can explore and search the location you are at using search cards. Mostly, these will provide you with handy equipment or even weapons. But it is possible that you wake up another zombie at the location you are standing!
Before the next player can now take his turn, more zombies enter the mall according to the noise the last player made in his turn. This is why it is recommended to eliminate as many zombies as possible before you end your turn!

Currently, the game is still in the Kickstarter phase. However, the game has been funded in less than an hour after starting the campaign and Gamelyn Games is known to always deliver. If you want to help this game and receive your own copy of the game in October of this year, you can find more information on the Kickstarter page. The publisher is also adding more and more stretch goals to the campaign, these are extra's that are added when the Kickstarter reaches a certain value. So more and more content is still being added to this promissing game.

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