Century: Golem edition comes to retail stores

19 Jan 2018 by Jerodev

Century: Golem Edition has the same rules as Century: Spice Road but with a completely new look. Instead of collecting the correct spices, you are now collecting precious gems. When the game was released by Plan B Games last year, they announced it was only going to be available on their own webshop. But due to the popularity of the game, they announced that the game will be coming to stores around the world after all!

In the Century games, every player starts with a few resources and a hand of cards. Every turn a player can play one of those cards or buy a new card from the market and add it to your hand. The cards allow the players to take new resources from the stock or trade resources. When a player has the number of resources that are on a goal card, they can trade the resources for this card and collect the points. Once a player has a predefined number of point cards, the game is over and the player who collected the most points is the winner!

Componenten in Century Golem Edition
Components in Century: Golem Edition


Last year the newest version of this game, Century: Golem Edition, was released. The publisher, Plan B Games, had announced that the new version would only be available via their own webshop. But because of the hight popularity and demand of the game, the publisher announced a few days ago that they will allow retail stores to sell this game. They are working together with different international partners to get the game shipped to North America, the UK, France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, and Japan. There is no precise date for the release of this game in stores, but Plan B Games is aiming to get it in stores by the second quarter of 2018.

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