Fruit Ninja comes to your table via Kickstarter
Fruit Ninja comes to your table via Kickstarter

Fruit Ninja comes to your table via Kickstarter

Posted on 20 Oct 2017 by Jerodev

Fruit Ninja comes to your table via Kickstarter Fruit Ninja is probably one of the most played games on smartphones. In this game, you have to cut as many pieces of fruits that apear on the screen before they disapear and you have to watch out not to hit any bombs. [bgurl=449]Lucky Duck Games[/bgurl] is the board game publisher that we can play this game on our table without having to break anything.

The original digital game, Fruit Ninja, has been created in 2010 by Halfbrick as an app for both iOS and Android devices and was one of the most downloaded apps on the smartphone from the first days after its release. The goal of the game is very simple: fruit is being thrown up so it appears on your screen, it's your job to cut al the fruit with your finger knife before it disappears from your screen and hits the ground. But watch out for bombs that are thrown up, if you hit these the game is over immediately! How long can you keep cutting fruit?

This week, [bgurl=449]Lucky Duck Games[/bgurl] started a Kickstarter campaign in which they introduce three new party games that have been inspired by this digital game. Below you can find the three games and a short summary of how they are played.

Fruit Ninja: Card Master doosFruit Ninja: Card Master the first game of the three. In the game, every player has a deck of cards, each card holds an image of a cut fruit and a normal fruit.In the middle of the table there is a dojo board that has four normal fruits depicted on it. When the timer starts all players can simultaneously try to cut as many fruits as possible in the dojo by placing the correct cut fruit on top of the normal fruit. Because each card also holds a normal fruit, the card piles can become as high as you want. When the first 40 seconds of the timer have passed, any player can call out to stop. At that point, points are distributed in different ways like who cut the most fruits correctly in the dojo. The player who has the most points after four rounds is the winner!

Fruit Ninja: Slice & Dice doosThe second game in the Fruit Ninja series is Fruit Ninja: Slice & Dice. Slice & Dice is a simple dice game for two to four players. Each player gets five dice that each have the same fruits depicted on them. Players get twenty seconds to roll these dice a maximum of three times each. After this, players can claim combo cards that they can form with the fruit they got from throwing the dice. If a player completed one of the available goal cards, they can also claim these. The game is over when no more goal cards are available. The player that has the most goal cards is the winner of the game!


Fruit Ninja: Combo Party doosThe third and last game is Fruit Ninja: Combo Party. This game plays like a combination of Jungle Speed and Sushi Go!. All players simultaneously choose a card from their hand and place it open on the table together. If two or more players placed the same card on the table, they have to take the totem in the middle of the table as fast as possible. The first person to grab it takes extra points this round. The cards the players have chosen stay on the table and the rest of the cards are passed to the person to the left. Now a new round starts. At the end of the game, players receive points according to the combinations of fruit cards they have in front of them. The player who scores the most points is the winner!


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