Star Wars Destiny will be expanded with new Legacy packs
Star Wars Destiny will be expanded with new Legacy packs

Star Wars Destiny will be expanded with new Legacy packs

Posted on 16 Oct 2017 by Jerodev

Star Wars Destiny will be expanded with new Legacy packs It has been over a year since Fantasy Flight Games brought us the newest collectible card game from the Star Wars universe, Star Wars Destiny. This year, they will expand this game even further with two new starter sets and boosters with new characters and new game mechanics.

This new series of cards for Star Wars Destiny contains new and renewed characters from the original six Star Wars movies and some characters from the animation series: The Clone Wars.

The two new starter packs that come with this new release are based on characters whose stories are formed by the legacy of their father. So there is the Boba Fett Starter Set and the  Luke Skywalker Starter Set. The new set about Boba Fett contains among others a new card of the deadly bounty hunter himself and a new Elite veteran stormtrooper. The Luke Skywalker set contains a completely new Luke Skywalker card as the Unlikely Hero together with Han Solo, the savvy smuggler.

Star Wars Destiny: Boba Fett Deadly Mercenary             Star Wars Destiny: Luke SkyWalker Unlikely Hero

Next to these starter sets, there are also new booster packs available. These booster packs will not only have characters from the Star Wars movies, but also some new faces from the animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The website shows us artwork for a new version of Obi-Won Kenobi and Ahsoka Tano.

The new wave does not only contain new cards but also brings some new gameplay changes with it. Some of the cards will have a new icon (Star Wars Destiny Indirect Damage) on them. This icon allows you to deal indirect damage to your enemy. When you attack with indirect damage, your enemy can choose how to divide the damage among his active characters.

Fantasy Flight Games has not yet announced when these packs will be available, but we presume this will probably be before the end of the year because you can already pre-order these packs in their webshop and other online stores. For more information on the new cards and gameplay changes, take a look at the announcement post by Fantasy Flight Games.