Z-man makes Pandemic game in which the Netherlands are flooding

13 Sep 2017 by Jerodev

Z-man Games announced their newest installment in the Pandemic universe this week, Pandemic: Rising Tide. In this game, you and the other players are working together to save the Netherlands from floods that hit the whole country from the North Coast. Can you push the sea back before it consumes entire country?

The Pandemic games mostly tell a story over the whole world or a smaller part there off. A deadly virus has broken out and it is your team's job to eradicate this virus before it has spread to all the major cities in the world. Players work together as a team of scientists to create medicines that fight the virus and try to keep the virus quarantined so it won't go further in to the world.

Componenten in Pandemic: Rising TideThis newest installment of the game you are no longer fighting a virus, but you try to save the Netherlands from the rising sea level that is trying to take over the country. The country has been divided in several regions that can contain water pumps and dikes to keep the water from entering this region. Blue cubes are used to represent the water that slowly but surely enters the different regions from the north.
By placing dikes in the correct positions on the map and using water pumps in partialy flooded areas to divert the water to drainage-basins your team can prevent further flooding of the map. But make sure you are always prepared for unforeseen catastrophes that can happen at any moment!

More information about Pandemic: Rising Tide can be found on the official announcement of the game by Z-man Games. The game will be available in stores by the end of this year.


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