Hungry for some fish? - Sushi Go! Review
Hungry for some fish? - Sushi Go! Review

Hungry for some fish? - Sushi Go! Review

Posted on 7 Aug 2017 by Jerodev

Hungry for some fish? - Sushi Go! Review Everybody probably has seen a restaurant where they have sushi plates on a conveyor-belt where you can take what you desire, all be it in a movie. In Sushi Go! we simulate this belt and everybody will take the best sushi dished to score the most points by making good combinations.

Short overview

Sushi Go! is a short card game that can be learned in a matter of minutes and plays very fast. All players are sitting at a conveyor belt with sushi which is presented by cards. Every player gets a number of cards in his hand according to the number of players that are playing. All players simultaneously take a card from their hand and put it openly on the table for everyone to see. The cards that are left are passed to the player on the left and a new round begins.

When every player has put his last card on the table, it's time to count the points for the cards the players have chosen. There are ten different kinds of cards that each score points in their own way. Some cards only score when you have at least three of them, others will only score if you have the most cards of that kind and even others will only score at the end of the game. The harder the cards condition to score is, the more points you will get from the card. This gives the game a nice, competitive atmosphere because you can view the other player's cards on the table at any time.

The game is played in three rounds, and the person who has the most points in these three rounds is the winner!

Counting points

At the end of each round, the points for that round are counted and noted down so they can be added together at the end of the third round.

The picture below is an example of what a players card can look like at the end of a three player game. If this player has the most maki rolls (left), this player will score 19 points this round.

scoring points in Sushi Go!

The components

Sashimi en Salmon nigiri cards from Sushi Go!The box for this game contains 108 durable cards with different sushi dishes on them that each score points. The cards contain beautiful, cartoony, illustrations that represent the dish on the card. Each card type also has a different background color that makes it very easy to keep the cards apart.

At the bottom of every card, the name of the dish is visible and a number of points that can be scored with this cards are displayed, this makes the game very quick as you can easily remember how a card scores.

Our opinion and conclusion

Sushi Go! is a very fun game that can be played very easily and at almost any place. This game makes the table a lot at family parties because it is so easy to teach and anyone can play it. If you like short games that don't have too complex rules, then this is most certainly a recommendation!

Last year a new variant on this game has also been released, Sushi Go Party!. This game uses the same mechanics but has more cards and so more different ways to score points. Sadly, we have not yet been able to play this game.


Final judgement