A Song of Ice & Fire, the Game of Thrones miniatures game, now on Kickstarter

28 Jul 2017 by Jerodev

A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game has been announced for a while, but a lot of fans have been waiting for when more news of the game would appear. Now, everyone has the chance to help the development of the game via the Kickstarter campaign that has been started this week.

A Song of Ice & Fire is the name of a book series that the enormously popular television series, Game of Thrones, is based on. In the game, you take the place of one of the leaders of one of the families in the series that strive to take the throne. Deploy your troops on the battlefield to get and hold the upper hand, place political leaders on the tactics board to use special actions on or with your units and use leader cards to keep up the morale or heal wounds on the battlefield.

Componenten in de doos van A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game
Components in the box of A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game


The first version of this war game contains the cards and miniatures for two of the families out of the A Song of Ice & Fire series, namely: House Stark and House Lannister. Both sides have over 50 different looking miniatures to deploy on the battlefield and several miniatures for main characters from the stories to be used as political leaders. Each family also has its own tactic cards that are hidden from the other player.
More families have yet to be announced, but we suspect there will be expansions or new starter boxes containing all other prominent families in the future.

The game is being developed by some of the most known board game designers, under which Eric M. Lang and Michael Shinall. All of this is done under the watching eye of George R.R. Martin, the writer of the original books, to make sure the game brings the same brutality to the game as he made in the books.

When the game is fully financed, it will be delivered to the backers on Kickstarter in April 2018. If and when the game will be available to buy in stores has not yet been revealed, if you are a big fan of this series and board games I advise you to give this project a boost on Kickstarter. Keep an eye on this website for more updates about this game.

A Song of Ice & Fire miniatures

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